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Welcome to All Saints Vendée

Services of Holy Communion take place:
The 1st Sunday in the month at 11am at La Chapelle Palluau.
The 2nd Sunday in the month at 11am at Puy de Serre 
The 3rd Sunday in the month at 11am at La Chapelle Achard
The 4th Sunday in the month at 11am at Puy de Serre, and
when there is a 5th Sunday in the month - occasional additional services to be announced.
(For more information, please view the Calendar, "Grapevine" or contact us by phone or email)


The ASV Calendar of Events is now available - you can visit our 2015 CALENDAR here

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Welcome to All Saints Vendeee



I found this poem when I was researching the Week of  Prayer for Christian Unity and my sermon on the 18th January. It seems so applicable to all of us gathered here wanting to worship God in English, to be in a community growing in faith and love and serving God with all our gifts and skills. Caroline.

God of our past, you have brought us together
from different traditons, each called to serve you,
each with much to learn, feeling in need of
your grace. We thank you for calling us.

God of our present, you bring us together in
fellowship with you, and each other. We learn
from sharing our gifts, accepting new challenges
and daring new ways.

God of our future, you send us out to serve you in
ways we cannot yet imagine. We trust you for our
lives, whatever we do, wherever you lead us. We
ask you to bless us as we go forth in your name.

Father, Son and Holy Spirit;
Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer;
One God for all time, for eternity.



Sunday Centre Service
First La Chapelle Palluau (LCP) Holy Communion
Second Puy de Serre (PdS) Holy Communion
Third La Chapelle Achard (LCA) Holy Communion
Fourth Puy de Serre PdS) Holy Communion
Fifth (occasional) PdS / LCA alternately Please see "The Grapevine" for special services

Services normally commence at 11:00am. Coffee is served after all services, followed by a 'Bring and Share' lunch, except on 5th Sundays, to which all are welcome.

Christian Festivals

On these occasions the times and locations of services may vary from those shown above, please refer to ‘The Grapevine

If you were unable to attend a recent service, it is now possible to catch up with the Sermon. Simply click on "Notices" and scroll down to "Sermons you may have missed"


For information on other regular activities see ‘Our church

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The Constituency

Our church, ‘The Congregations of All Saints Vendée (ASV)’ serves the English speaking community in the Vendée and neighbouring Deux-Sèvres: both residents and visitiors.

With the invaluable cooperation of the Roman Catholic Church we have the use of their churches at Puy de Serre (east) , La Chapelle Achard  (south-west) and La Chapelle Palluau (north). For the locations of these worship centres see the panel on the right of this page.




30th September Friday. 1800 LCP Harvest Supper in the Salle. As usual, it will be a "Bring and Share" meal, with everyone welcome. We would be most grateful to anyone who can help us put out all the furniture and decorate the tables, which are heavy. There will be someone at the Salle from 1400. For further details contact Jo Collinson or Hester and Colin Grimshaw

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Sainte-Marthe, 85240

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La Chapelle Achard

Notre-Dame-de-L'Assomption, 85150

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La Chapelle Palluau

Saint Pierre, 85670

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Occasional Change of venue:

Please check before setting out because the Service at the Parish Church in La Chapelle Palluau will sometimes need to relocate to La Chapelle Notre-Dame-de-la-Miséricorde, Route des Sables. The Chapel is situated south of La Chapelle Palluau on the west side of the main road (D978) in the direction of Aizenay.


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Contact - Jacqui Stainton-James
Email - sjfamily66@hotmail.com
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